Why Recycle

People asked why recycle, CRC asked why not? Recycling helps protect the environment by saving energy usage over manufacturing with virgin materials, preserves landfill space, prevents global warming, reduce water pollution, protect wildlife and many more.

How To Recycle

The 3R’s – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle


Reduce the amount of earth’s resources you use. Trust us, you don’t need that many stuffs.


Adopt the habit of reusing products. Instead of throwing item away, why don’t we donate to one of yellow CRCBOX?


Practice the process of collecting recyclable material that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and donating them to CRC.

Collection Of Recycling

Clothes and furniture you donated will be sent directly to charity homes that needs help.

Other recyclable items such as such as paper, glass, plastic and metal will be separated in our sorting location and then sold to increase CRC Fund.

Giving Backs

The entire amount received from the sale of donated items is used to fulfill the wish list of the Charity homes and school projects. Some of the clothes (especially store-rejects) donated by companies and individuals are given away freely to those in need.